Using WiFi at Work

Assuming you have WiFi at work, most of us login using our company credentials. Android being Android, does provide all the commercial and domestic WiFi connection options. I came across a link which helps you setup WiFi on your Android device using your company login.

Types of ARP

Have you always wondered what are the different types of Address Resolution Protocols available on a network? Well there are five of them

  • ARP
  • G-ARP
  • InARP
  • RARP
  • ProxyARP

The below two links explain them very well. Do have a look.

Clipboard copy

As a follow up to the previous article on setup of VNC server and client, I believe that it would be very easy to copy and paste between the client and the server windows. Hence I found this link that can help you setup exactly that.

Outlook Notifications

Most of us rely on MS Outlook for our e-mails, mainly at work. And if you would like to have a clutter free Inbox, and that is where Outlook rules come to the rescue. But there is one caveat, once a rule runs in the background and certain e-mails are directed to different folders instead of Inbox, you stop getting notifications on your desktop for new mail arrival. Well, there is a workaround for this, and it is to create another rule for all incoming messages with an action to display a desktop alert. Have a look at the below link for a step-by-step tutorial on how to enable this under the section “Configure the Mail Alert to monitor al folders; not just the Inbox”.