What’s my Password !?

It is common that we have multiple accounts with multiple passwords and managing them would be tough without using a Password Manager. Web portals or accounts provide a way to reset your password, but what about your Desktop/Laptop? Recently I had to reset the Windows password without a re-install and once the procedure is known, it is quite simple. I will pen down the procedure to reset your Linux and Windows passwords.

Linux OS

  • Boot your machine and wait till your GRUB bootloader appears.

  • In the GRUB menu, choose the main OS version you need a password change for and press ‘e’.

  • You will be presented another menu similar to your GRUB loader screen with entries for the OS you selected. Select the line which has kernel entry in it and press ‘a’.

  • You will see a cursor at the end of this entry. Hit space and type ‘1’ followed by ‘Enter’.

  • You will again be presented with the list of detailed entries for the OS you selected. Select the kernel entry and press ‘b’.

  • You should now see a ‘#’ prompt shortly.

  • Type ‘passwd’ and you will be asked to enter your new password. Try not to forget it, but in case you do, you know what to do 🙂

Windows OS

  • You will need a machine which you can use apart from yours.

  • Download a utility called “Trinity Rescue Kit” and burn the image on a CD. I have tried creating a bootable USB with this, but it didn’t work. You may try however.


  • Boot your machine with the disc inside and select the option to boot from CD drive during startup. (Usually you can select this by pressing F11 or F12 or Del  during the start).

  • Once the Trinity menu comes up, choose ‘Welcome’ and then choose ‘Windows password resetting’.

  • Select the option to ‘Edit user data and password’, after which you will be presented with the list of users on your Windows OS.

  • Type in the User name Id provided in the first column “RID” at the prompt for which ever user you wish to recover the password for.

  • Then choose whether you wish to Clear or Reset the password for the user.

  • Then you may reboot your system and login to Windows 🙂

Source: http://www.google.com