Men’s Style Quotient

Why am I writing about Men’s style quotient? I’m no fashion expert or designer, nor am I a retailer. It’s just that when I look around, I find that some people just dress up formally for the sake of rules or they are really unaware of the result. Few years ago, I attended a training session on “Presentation Skills” and have learnt that the first and foremost impression comes from your dressing sense. I learnt a few tips at the session and a few more on the way, which I would like to share.

  • General rule of thumb is that when dressing formally, your belt and shoes should be of the same color. Meaning, Black belt and black shoes OR Brown belt and brown shoes. Mixing them doesn’t look good. Also Brown belt and beige/light brown shoes and vice versa looks equally bad.
  • Brown formal shoes usually doesn’t go well with navy/dark blue formal pants/trousers. Blue trousers means black shoes and belt please.
  • Please, Please, Please do not wear sneakers or sports shoes when you wear formal pants/trousers. At least wear suede leather shoes, if not for formal ones.
  • Sneakers or suede leather shoes do go well with denims. Also black or brown formal shoes do look good with denims, as long as you wear formal shirts and tuck them in.
  • Stylish/casual shoes look best with Denims and casual shirt or t-shirt. Suede leather shoes look best with formal shirts paired with chinos or denims.
  • Formal belts will match with denims as long as your not wearing funky shoes.
  • Floaters/Sandals look good with Denims and shirt/t-shirt. You can team it up with white socks to look more formal in case you are wearing chinos and shirt/t-shirt.
  • Formal leather finish or suede leather sandals look best with formal trousers. Preferably, they should be brown or black color. However please, no floaters with formal trousers.
Disclaimer: The above views are not meant to offend anyone, or hurt anyone’s feelings or sentiment. Any such case is purely coincidental. The above points have been arrived over public observation and experiments and experience. These points are to be taken as friendly advice and not as hard and fast rule. As always, you are your best judge.

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