Hunting for a Tablet

Since my new job required me to travel for at least a couple of hours a day, I resorted to using company/public buses for the commute. Great, extra time to catch up with my sleep I thought! But thanks to the crowd during peak hours in BMTC Volvo’s or the horrible road conditions of the route followed by ITPL buses, this sort of faded away. Since I have a small (by today’s standard) phone, I decided to buy a tablet for use during my commute.

The shortlist included Lenovo A1000, Lenovo A7-50, Asus Fonepad 7 Dual Sim, Dell Venue 7, HP Slate 7 and Lenovo Yoga 8.

The A1000 had great reviews for a tablet worth 8k, but didn’t have 3G. A7-50 was above my budget of 12k for same screen size as A1000. Dell Venue 7 and HP slate 7 didn’t have great reviews. So it was if I could stretch my budget to pay 16k for 8″ Yoga or 12k for Fonepad 7. The deal breaker was many reviews saying SIM card getting stuck in the Yoga 8 and has to be removed by the Service center only. Seriously Lenovo!!??? What ever happened to user experience and ergonomics???

Anyway, now I own the Fonepad 7 since two weeks, and it has been great. Yes, its not the quickest and snappiest tablet, a bit sluggish at times. But it plays music and videos, can surf on the move and the apps are great. Only improvement I would like is a brighter screen for better readability in sunlight. But for the price of 11.4k on, I would say its one of the best VFM buy till date for me.



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