Right Click – “Open Command Prompt here”

Do you use the Windows command prompt often? Tired of navigating to folders from root directory everytime? Here’s a simple solution. Right click on the folder and click “Open command prompt here”. How to get this option? Here are the steps.

  • Click on Start button, type “regedit” in the text box.
  • Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Classes/Folder/shell”
  • Right click on shell and select New->Key. Name the new folder “Command prompt”.
  • Select this folder “Command prompt” and double-click on “(Default)” on the right window. Type “Open Command Prompt here” or any other text you would want to appear.
  • Right click on “Command prompt” folder and select New->Key.
  • Set the Folder name to “Command” or anything meaningful. On the right side window, double click on “(Default)”, and set its value to “cmd.exe /k pushd %L”
  • Close regedit and test the same using Windows Explorer.


Source: http://www.google.com




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